SEO and Returning ROI To Businesses

SEO and Returning ROI To Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now one of the most popular and useful marketing methods used by business around the world. It works buy building trust for your companies website which in effect raises its rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The whole objective for SEO is to get more customers onto your website and looking at your business, which is called traffic. It is essentially the same as getting more customers walking in your shop every month; we all know that more customers does convert to more sales and bigger profits.

When looking at how SEO works, it focuses on building the aforementioned ‘trust’ for certain ‘keywords’. For instance if you was to type into a search engine ‘window fitter’ you would get over 3 million results, of which unless you’re on the first page you have a 98% less chance of being clicked on. However if you were to be more specific per say ‘window fitter in Cardiff’ your results are much more specified so Google would filter only the local businesses.

SEO can be a pricey investment but it turn it is also the most important.The world is advancing quicker and quicker and the power of the Internet and technology is becoming more influential and part of what we do. In fact 95% of people now use a search engine when they are searching for services. It is vitally important you are part of this, and keeping ahead of your competitors by taking advantage of the SEO benefits. Recently Hugh Thomas, a Cardiff SEO provider in the South Wales area did research to show the profits and difference that SEO makes to a business and results showed that it had made a 22% increase to the companies turnover.

In order for SEO to be 100% effective it must be accompanied by a catching and professional website. The website represents you as a company and first impressions normally decide for a customer if they are going to stay on your website or move off it in 94% of the time. A website needs to be fresh, eye catching, but more importantly, easy to use, as if a user cannot find what they are looking for they will find somewhere, where they can. SEO brings huge benefits to your company and is certainty worth investing, do your research and boost your sales now!

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