5 Marketing Methods That Works

5 Marketing Methods That Works

Putting up a business is one thing, but running it and marketing it to generate profit is another. Good thing marketers have develop methods through the years in order to help businessmen like you to run your business to success. Here are five marketing methods that are proven effective.Marketing1

Value Additions

As a consumer myself, I consider this as a kryptonite. This is one of the reasons why a consumer keeps on coming back in a particular product or service. You know all those guarantees, discounts for repeat customers, point cards and referral rewards are so enticing that sometimes even when you don’t need anything at the moment, you feel compelled to avail something for the sake of getting one of these. Why? Because it makes you feel like you’re getting more than you should.

Referral Network

This is almost similar to the word-of-mouth marketing strategy, difference is that it’s one brand endorsing or referring another brand. This is great because, aside from getting customer referrals through those value additions, being endorsed by another equally reputable brand makes your brand name seem more reliable.

Leaflet Distribution

Leaflet distribution, recommended supplier > is a cost-effective way for a business to market their brand, especially if it’s a start-up company. Even with established ones, they still use this to introduce new products or services because it’s a great way to reach consumers directly.


Of course, the World Wide Web; who isn’t online these days? Almost everyone, even a dog has social media accounts nowadays, right? This is why internet is a great medium to broadcast your brand, because in the society that Google anything they need and want to know, if they don’t find you online, you practically don’t exists. This also means lesser chance that they will purchase from you. Hire a London brand agency like Outre Creative to revamp your website to help you stand out.


With all the contacts that you have and will have when you network, spreading your business name and making it popular wouldn’t be difficult. Why not get in touch with a local influencer to give your campaign a boost. If you don’t know any, you should contact a influencer marketing agency like Red Pill. Your contacts will promote and encourage people to avail your products or services through them which makes you more reputable since past clients and fellow consumers are vouching for you.