Top 10 Logo Redesigns

Top 10 Logo Redesigns

Thanks for the guys over at Bulldog Graphic Design in London. Superb infographic about the top 10 Logo redesigns.


Freelance SEO

Freelance SEO

imagesWhen sorting out a freelance SEO services, be terribly positive concerning the objectives you want to get out of it.  It’s advisable to talk with your SEO freelancer in order to understand exactly what they can offer you and your business. The ultimate goal of SEO is to improve your search engine rankings and to drive more traffic to your business’ website.

There are several classes of Freelance SEO Sheffield jobs available on-line. You should inherently choose an agency or freelance agent that will work best with your business. When it comes to content your SEO agent has to understand your business in order to ensure the content is relevant and understandable.

There are many advantages to choosing an SEO freelancer over an SEO agency. Firstly an SEO freelancer is likely to have a background in an SEO agency but by being on their own they will be able to add a personal feel to your SEO campaign. Furthermore most agencies struggle to keep up to date with deadlines due to having multiple clients and being a larger company however an SEO freelancer will be able to dedicate themselves fully to getting the results that your business needs.

Though an agency may have more resources that will benefit your campaign a freelancer will likely make up for this with the effort that they put into your campaign. The SEO field is constantly changing and needs to be observed on a regular basis, an SEO freelancer can provide this attention detail that you just will not get if you go with a larger company.


Things That You Need To Know When Hiring An SEO Agency

You Have To Know What You Really Need

There are more than a couple of services an SEO agency can offer you. However, not just because you’re hiring them doesn’t mean they’ll simply provide you with all the services they have. You’ll be able to get the most out of them if you determine which area your company needs SEO work so that the firm you’re about to hire can put their 100% effort on that.

Do Not Tell The Agencies That You Are Looking Around And Talking To A Couple Of SEO Agencies

Now that you know what you need in an SEO agency or company it’s time to look around and talk to a couple of them. Though it’s natural to canvas and have two or three firms in your options, don’t tell them that because they could lose enthusiasm to do business with you. Not every SEO firm is desperate for every single client like you; there are those who have heaps of clients knocking at their doorstep. Use this time to know which agency fits your needs not drive potential ones away.

Know How They’ve Worked For Their Past Clients

Everybody will claim they’re the best at what they do, but how will you for sure? The answer is through their past work. Ask the agency if they have worked with a business like yours before, if yes then great! They would just have to show you references of the work they’ve done for a similar enterprise and if their work produced good results for that other company, then that’s a great indicator of a capable SEO agency.

Dig Deeper Into Their Background

Now that you know they have the skills and knowledge, you’d want to know the company’s personality. Just like when you’re hiring a person for a particular position, you won’t hire him based on what his resume says alone. His character can and will make a difference. The same with hiring an entire agency, knowing their background story, how they were founded, past client experiences, how they handle difficult clients, how they evolved over the years will help you decide if you really wanna work with them.




Good Things That An SEO Company Can Do For Your Business

It Allows Company To Let SEO Tasks Be Done By Experts In SEO Field

Anyone who knows how to use a computer can do SEO right? How hard can it be? Wrong. SEO work isn’t as simple as clicking away, sharing links, or liking an article or video. Maybe a few of your staff have basic knowledge about SEO but, I tell you this, SEO agencies are far more capable of doing it since it’s a field where they specialize. An enterprise might be successful at what they do but that doesn’t mean they’re good at SEO too, so it’s better to let the professionals take over. Proper search engine optimization is a full time job that requires thorough research, attention to detail, and a large quantity of quality content and links, so it’s more logical to outsource an SEO company for this.

It Lets Any Enterprise To Focus On Non-SEO Responsibilities

By hiring an SEO consultant, your company gets to take care of offline duties that would otherwise be abstracted if you’re also busy learning the ropes of SEO work. Then as a result, you waste time learning, you waste money because it’s not cost-effective to try to do a work that isn’t your forte, and you risk being outrun by your competitors. Juggling online and offline company work is not a joke.

It Gives Businesses An Edge Over Competitors Who Do Their Own SEO

Speaking of the risk, businesses who try to cost cut by doing SEO themselves aren’t exactly being smart. Businesses have a better chance of getting ahead by outsourcing services that are out of their specialization. Such as website back end development, that dotcentric an episerver partner can most certainly assist with. To ensure you have a buttery smooth site, assisting in your SEO campaign. Letting a competent and experienced SEO agency to do this job for you, you’re not only sure about the results, but you can also be certain that you are getting the most out of your time and resources.


How To Look For A Freelance SEO

How To Look For A Freelance SEO

Post submitted by leading search agency SEO Surrey.

Search engine optimisation is a must for anyone engaged in online marketing. Search engine rankings are crucial when trying to have a great online presence and attracting as many potential customers as possible. However, most companies trying to use online marketing do not have an SEO expert. They will either have to contract SEO companies or a freelance SEO. For companies which value the cost while still getting quality result on the expected timeline, freelance SEO is the best way to go. And here are some steps on how to look for a freelance SEO.

  1. Determine what you need – You don’t have to be specific with regards to the technicality in the search engine optimization approach but you must at least be specific with your goals. Some of these realistic and specific goals are to rank in the top 10 in search engine result for Google or Bing in a specific niche. This is your basis in choosing the right man for the job.
  2. Search for a jobseeker website – There are many jobseeker websites, you can simply choose the top 3 – 5 in the result. These top websites are the ones with the most freelancers and clients. It will always be worthwhile checking these top ranking sites rather than the lower ranked sites.
  3. Post an ad – Sites will often require you to create an account either as a freelancer or an employer. Choose the employer option so you can receive recommendations about the top performing freelancers. You will also have an option to post an ad and thousands of freelance SEO will apply for the job. You can then simply sort and filter these applicants.
  4. Use advance search to choose SEO as category – Aside from posting an ad, you can also use the search function in the website to scan through millions of freelancers including freelance SEO. There are also freelancers which provides content writing and web design among others.
  5. Check the experience – When you sort through the applicants, experience is always a good thing to start with. Experienced freelance SEO can handle almost any SEO related tasks while those will little experience are often amateurs who are still learning the ropes in search engine optimisation.
  6. Check the rate – Checking the rate of the freelancer is also important. You don’t want to spend a huge part of the company resources in a single marketing strategy. You can decide whether to choose freelancers which charge hourly rates or a flat rate for the job. Make sure to compare several freelancers since they are trying to lower their rates to get hired thus it is possible to hire an affordable freelancer who is experienced.
  7. Contact the freelancer – After sorting and narrowing the list to around 10 freelancers. Contact each freelancer and set an interview to know more about them and how they will approach the SEO task to achieve results.

And that is how to look for a freelance SEO.