About Me

I am an Online Business and Marketing Manager.

I offer my services based on daily or half daily blocks of time.

What tasks can I perform for you?

All tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

Marketing (both on and offline)
* create, research and write strategic marketing plans
* copy writing
* research target markets
* write and send marketing emails, letters and newsletters
* create autoresponder email marketing campaigns
* research, write and post blog content
* give advice on latest internet marketing strategies
* find online markets for development of potential products and affiliate marketing
* strategic marketing and planning
* Web 2.0 consulting
* write content for website
* update website

* put together a team
* write and post adds on Seek
* call and interview candidates
* select candidates
* check references

* prepare spreadsheets for bookkeeping
* file and maintain business receipts
* set up trusts
* liaise with accountants
* evaluate company performance

* oversee and supervise staff
* conduct staff meetings
* audit staff work and tasks
* keep staff on track with projects and client deadlines

Project Management
* call and communicate project milestones with clients
* oversee client work
* progress concepts with clients ie logos and supporting marketing material
* attend and facilitate client meetings
* prepare and deliver meeting notes to clients
* generally look after clients

Event Management
* set dates for seminars
* source and book venues
* organize catering
* advertise events to client database via email
* coordinate logistics
* attend seminars
* organize sales material
* answer client questions and build rapport with attendees and potential clients

General Admin
* manage spreadsheets
* organizing client refunds
* handle client complaints
* data entry and update database
* register domain names
* work with hosting control panels

Sales and Consulting
* return sales phone calls
* follow up potential prospects
* obtain client needs analysis information
* educate clients on how to use blogs in an internet marketing strategy, how to build an online database, what types  websites to use in different situations as well as the best ways to lay out a website
* send out quotes
* telemarketing

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Take up my services and capitalise on my previous experiences in
* co founding and starting up an internet marketing company
* working in face to face sales and telesales
* attending dozens of business and personal educational seminars and courses
* plus being involved in the start up several other businesses

This broad experience has taught me proficiency in:
* email marketing software ie Interspire and Vision 6
* domain name front and back end systems
* website hosting control panel software called Hsphere
* Microsoft office
* Google docs
* database software such as Act, Maximiser, Sugar CRM
* shopping cart software
* Paypal and many social marketing websites
* touch  typing
* using both Macintosh and PC
* ftp ing

My Key Strengths
1. Trustworthy, honest and dependable
2. Excellent communicator, both written and oral
3. Results oriented
4. Ability to work as a team as well as on my own
5. Excellent at building rapport both in person and on the phone
6. Intuitive and perceptive
7. Extremely flexible
8. Great sense of humor

* Queensland Government 3 month intensive business planning course through Achaeus in 2005
* internet marketing and ebook creation seminars
* copy writing
* how to Launch Products on the internet
* blogging
* web 2.0 and internet marketing

Personal Development
* daily meditation
* Landmark Education
* Anthony Robbins
* T Harv Ekker (in USA)
* Brisbane Business SWAP

Employment History
Realestate Mastery – Nundah
Position: Admin and sales support, marketing (Part Time)
Period: Nov 07 to Present

Highlights and Achievements
Helping Terri my boss build her business from a one person operation to a more systemized business

* creating systems spreadsheets
* sales followup calls
* filing
* maintaining email marketing database
* learning about online article marketing
* giving advice relating to internet software tools
* seminar assistant, greeting guests, managing handouts, supporting where needed
* writing sales emails

Alive Online – Toowong
Position: All Rounder
Period: Sept 2004 – Sept 2008

Highlights and Achievements
Learning about business and discovering my passion for marketing
Writing and researching a business plan and winning an award for the marketing plan section out of 13 other participating internet companies
Attracting venture capital
Growing the company from a start-up to employing a team of people
Making key marketing decisions and taking overall strategic responsibility
Early adopters of blogs and Web 2.0 and online video

Project Management
Event Management
General Admin
Sales and Consulting

Achaeus – Petrie Terrace
Position: Internet Marketing Consultant – Contract
Period: Aug 2006 – March  2007

Highlights and Achievements
Teaching my boss Gail internet marketing concepts and strategies so that she was able to go from knowing very little to launching her first products on the  internet
Learning and furthering my knowledge about marketing, attention to detail, sales processes and business planning and consulting

* researching tactics and strategies of internet marketing gurus
* copy writing
* sending out marketing emails
* using internet marketing software
* organizing events, sourcing venues
* attending sales events
* coordinating testimonials with clients and graphic designers
* interviewing clients to gauge client satisfaction
* coordinating website updates
* advising on website layout from marketing perspective
* analyzing marketing  results and statistics
* selecting internet software and tools
* answering phone enquiries & customer Service

* walking and jogging
* yoga
* meditating
* vegetarian cooking
* reading
* going to the beach
* photography
* listening to personal development cds on my ipod
* traveling to India